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Alba's investment in the telecom sector featured in ARCAP's report (March 2019)

Alba´s investment in the telecom sector was recently featured in ARCAP´s report.

Alba Capital Partners is a Private Equity firm which started operating in Argentina at the end of 2016. From the beginning of its foundation, they were incorporated to ARCAP, and Juan Lucena, Mario Santarelli and Guillermo Lanusse are their founders.

In August 2018, just a few months ago, they made their first investment after analyzing more than 90 companies. It consisted in the control acquisition of Sidaco Telecomunicaciones and A1 Torres, two firms engaged in the development of telecom infrastructure. In addition, they announced a USD 30 million investment to develop a platform of 400 mobile phone sites for voice and data transmission in the next 6 years.

Sidaco designs and builds telecom towers. A1 Torres has 29 towers providing service to mobile phone operators, ISPs and satellite trackers.

The companies will be managed as a single business unit by a management team composed by the members of Alba Capital Partners and the shareholder and current CEO of the companies involved in the transaction.

This transaction conducted in 2018 deserves special mention not only because it concerns a strategic infrastructure sector that Argentina needs to develop, but also because these type of investments encourages the development of numerous Venture and Seed Capital projects whose success depends on the massive and quality access of an increasing number of Argentine people to mobile telephony and data network.

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